Sunday, October 8, 2017

Shadow And Kiki - Happy Anyway

Kiki, with toys
Shadow in the sun
We're getting lower on cats, and now Kiki has joined Shadow in that walk to the last days. She has a heart condition. Every other day she tolerates a little pill from the vet.

Shadow is taking water for renal failure. He doesn't like it, but he and Kiki both like the special treats they get when they've had their meds.

This is all normal for a household with old cats, and we've done this many times before. 

Both cats are happy, eating, enjoying themselves. 

They've evan taking to sharing the heat lamp on the afghan together! 

We've learned not to hang on forever when a loved one is dying, and let them take their own course.

When my time comes, I plan to subsist on chocolate and coffee.