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Clallam Bay Comicon HOME

July 8-9 2017: During and after Clallam Bay/Sekiu Fun Days 12 noon - 5 pm both Saturday and Sunday.  FULL SCHEDULE AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Souvenir badges/sticker/business cards (see right) free!

Facebook Event LinkUse to organize events and exchange information. Facebook Group Link - JOIN.

Guest Artist
Diana Kennedy
Special Guest Creator Diana Kennedy: Facebook link and WEBSITE (English coming) and Art Gallery

ADMISSION for public: free. 

DEALER TABLES:  $25 (27.00 through Paypal). Contact at: donnabarr01 at gmail dot com. 
Diana Kennedy's

Dealers may demonstrate at their tables. If you have a special event, such as a concert, please contact at donnabarr01 @ gmail com 
Why does our guest artist
have a donkey named Gamin?
Come and find out.

Dealer contracts: THIS PAGE. Payment cancellation deadline is May 1. You are expected to know your professional and licensing obligations for food sales or use of fire. Participants will clean and straighten hall after show closes Sunday; keep the Lion's club happy.

DEALERS at the convention for 2016:

1: Donna Barr's A Fine Line Press AND Clallam Bay Comicon Central.

2. Special Guest Creator Diana Kennedy

GAMING: The official game of this convention is "Adventure Castle." All games welcome; noisy ones outside on the porch (see photo below).

Lion's Club building
Lion's Club
90 Bogachiel Street
Clallam Bay, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, United States 
PARKING: around Lion's club and in the clinic parking lot behind the club. See further photos for details.

AWARDS: Your fans are your award. We don't get to say.

Special guests: cloudfunding will help finance your trip. Please participate with the help of your own fans. This site will fully (reasonably) assist with cloudfunding.

Inside the Lion's Club hall. Respect it.
OFFICIAL CONVENTION "Hotel": Winter-Summer Inn Bed and Breakfast 360 963 2264 The 3 lower rooms are being held for the convention. THE DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 11. Tell Owner Sandy Tsiang you are with the comicon, or you may be turned away. The upper suite - up to 7 guests - is available to anybody, and there is no deadline on reserving it. It has a fireplace and kitchen, big deck and killer view. 
Outside porch - for music and noise.

COMICON EATS: Dealers and panelists: we have a kitchen, with stove and refrigerator. You're welcome to use them. Keep it clean. Potlucks welcome.

HOW TO GET HERE: Airline: Kenmore Air Airporter to Port Angeles: Olympic Bus Lines from Seattle to Port Angeles. 
Once in Port Angeles: take the Forks bus to the the Clallam Bay connection at Sappho; Bus details at Clallam Transit
From Seattle: Ferries, drive to Port Angeles, then Highway 101 to 113 (turns into 112) to Clallam Bay. Highway 112 in disrepair; recommended not to take.
Carpooling: organize on the Facebook Events Page.

BUSSES IN-COUNTY:  Schedules, etc.

WI-FI is 24/7 at the library, right around the corner, also at various businesses and the Visitors' Center.

Kitchen. Keep it clean.
FACILITY CARE: No tape of any sort on the wall. Respect the Lion's Club's wall displays. We all chip in to clean up at the end of the show. It don't take long; they love us for it.

LEGAL NOTES: Donna Barr is the ONLY Comicon staff. No one else has any access to official comicon decisions.

Parents and/or guardians are legally 100% responsible for their children and/or wards. Everyone else is legally 0% responsible for those same people.


Saturday schedule:

10:00 am: Show opens for Set-up. 

11:00 am: Fun Days Parade (See Fun Days Schedule for other events).

Noon: Show opens

5:00 pm: Hall closes 

6:00 pm: Fish-n-chips-n-beer feast at the Clallam Bay Inn. Everybody welcome! 

Dusk: Fun Day Fireworks, in Sekiu. 

Sunday Schedule:

Have a good breakfast and get in a beach walk. Time available for other events, if requested. Please schedule by July 1, 2017.

11:00: Hall opens for set-up.

12:00: Show opens

5:00 show closes. Dealers please put away tables and chairs and clean the Lion's club.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 Clallam Bay Comicon Con Report

Fun Days climb-inside salmon (Leanne Franson)
First of all, Dara Korrati beat me to a con report, and my only excuse is I escorted our special guest creator, Leanne Franson, and her son Tautau back to Port Angeles before returning on the bus. Here's her report, and it's a fun one, with great photos of the con and the area - and links to her concert and recordings at the show! 
Me, Anna and Dara at the
Fun Days Parade
(Leanne Franson)

As usual, this is mostly a photo blog, so enjoy! Some of these photos are mine, some Leanne's. 

Leanne gets paid! (Dan Barr)
First of all, even though the campaign ended with the convention, we'd like to thank everybody who got involved with the GoFundMe campaign to help defray Leanne's expenses. You came through like champs! Here's Leanne getting her checks in front of the garden in my back yard.

Friday night, we showed "Bezango, Washington," with the permission of the directors. The film consists of interviews with Pacific Northwest cartoonists, and Northwest cartooning history. There were only a couple of local people, but one of them said she'd had no idea how huge the comics community was - especially in the Pacific Northwest. 
Roberta Gregory adding to Leanne's drawing
(Leanne Franson)

The con itself started with the Fun Days parade. We're changing the con starting time to noon, because everybody goes to the parade first. Didn't matter if it was raining, we had a great time anyway. We're not made of sugar, we won't melt (thanks, Mom).

Leanne Franson, our Canadian guest, was interviewed and filmed by Jason Roberts, who came down from Neah Bay specifically to promote this comicon. He really added to the show. 

Rod Espinosa, who couldn't attend, instead sent us a box containing his "Adventure Castle" game. I've never really gamed, although I've worked as a gaming illustrator. 

AC turned into a crowd-pleaser, drawing in adults as well as children. We played it whenever things got slow - which wasn't very often. Tautau Franson, our guest artist's son, was a very helpful game master. We've decided that "Adventure Castle" is the official convention game, and will feature at our show from now on.

Me at Leanne's table (Leanne Franson)
Last year, one of our librarians painted a Be-A-Superhero standup for their comicon. Her name is Pam Force, which we thought appropriate. We all had fun posing with it. 

Every year, somebody's table goes hot, and they make all the money and get all the attention. This year it was Dara Korrati's table, mostly because she had such a fascinating recording demo. Congratulations, Dara! Now run over and watch her singing her version of YMCA as "USSR," karaoke style, and hear us all joining into the chorus. 

Me, TauTau, my books
(Leanne Franson)
We're thinking, perhaps, instead of having individual demos or panels, we have everybody bring something cool they can show the attendees and other artists how to do. The tables are six feet long, so there should be plenty of room for books and CD's and the demo, too. It certainly seems to help with sales.

Social report:

I brought a box of spam musubi, which I'd learned to make in Hawai'i, and when I'd microwaved my own piece, everybody wanted one. So now I have a potluck food people like! 

The Canadians invade! (Leanne Franson)
Of course, after the first day's show, we headed down to the Clallam Bay Inn, where Cara - our favorite cook and barkeep - was waiting with the best fish and chips on the planet, and good booze. She wanted to know why there weren't more of us. We'll have to bring the fans too, next time.
Adventure Castle!
(Leanne Franson)

Afterwards it was off to the beach for the Fun Days fireworks in Sekiu. It was cold and cloudy, so the blasts got smoked over too quickly, but the beach fireworks made it all worthwhile. 

Me, TauTau, our official
con game
(Leanne Franson)
Most of the convention artists are local, and so could drive back home after the show, but Leanne and TauTau stuck around for the Dead Dog party at the Sunsets West Co-Op. 

I'd never eaten there, and was amazed by the fresh, innovative food and low prices. I had a burger "snack" that was really huge, and cheap - and Leanne and Tautau plowed through two helpings of bean stew, fried eggs and tomato salad. Not only is the food good, but you can step over to the store and choose chips, bread and drinks to add to your meal. And if you love the condiments, including locally-made hot sauces, or my sea salt, you can buy them in the store, too.
Dara's concert
(Leanne Franson)

The whole town sees us as adding to the local economy. We're welcomed and anticipated, now. No, the show will never be big - but it brings joy to the townsfolk, none of whom see anything wrong with nerds any more. So if we haven't done anything else, we've done that. 

Dara and Anna at
the Clallam Bay Inn
(Leanne Franson)
But - Leanne has hinted she might even be back in coming years. If nothing else, she's discovered how easy it is to get to Seattle, so perhaps she might add to some of our Seattle comics and other book and art events.

David Lasky has hinted he might do a "giant comics jam in Clallam Bay." I'm gonna help if he means it. He comes up to teach at the libraries - so maybe we can get him too!

The Dead Dog Party
(Leanne Franson)
The Clallam Bay Comicon will always be part of the local history, now, and our artists and attendees have all made that happen.

Leanne and TauTau on Slip Point
(Leanne Franson)
And now for the final shots - at the closing ceremonies on the beach.

NOM! Salmon berries & thimble berries
(Leanne Franson)

Leanne cosplays as the Canadian flag.
All our beach are belong to Canada.
(Leanne Franson)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016 Clallam Bay Comicon almost here!

Just a reminder, to all my colleagues - the Clallam Bay Comicon is next week! July 9-10, 2016.

I hit my GoFundMe goal to fund Canadian creator Leanne Franson's trip, and have now raised the goal higher, to make it even better.

We already have a guest creator - from Europe - for 2017, but if anybody wants to line up for 2018 - it's first come, first served. And yes, I'll be running more campaigns to find travel funds.

So if you want Patrick Stewart of Johnny Depp, you better tell 'em now, because my con ins a Squeaky Wheel con - it rewards the pro-active.

If it's pretty or they can eat it, they'll buy it; tables are $25 a pop and first-come, first-served, too.

Hit the con link above for all the details! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sammi says Goodbye

Sammi all a-sparkle
Our good old cat, Sammi, passed on, on Saturday, June the 18th, 2016. He'd been suffering from diabetes, and was quite old. We got him back in 2001, and we think he was already a couple of years old. 

He was possibly a Norwegian Forest Cat, caught feral and adopted from Animal Rescue Families, in Bremerton, Washington State. His name was that of the Lap people of the Norse lands. Although I think they originally spelled it "Sammy," to match his feral mother and sister, Sally and Kelly.

Sammi relaxing at dinner

The top photo shows him in the sparkly sweater that was part of his grave goods yesterday.

Along with our big old white cat Leo, he was the surviving partner of the Boys of the Look, named for the way the two of them would stand side-by-side and look intently up at us.

Sammi was sweet, self-possessed, and a good bed-warmer for the other cats. 

We all love you, Sammi. We'll miss you.

(Thank you, for helping us keeping him alive for so many months. Thank you, Roberta Gregory, for recommending the site to us.)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Leanne Franson to Comicon with GoFundMe

Leanne Franson
Let's all help out our great Special Guest for the 2016 Clallam Bay Comicon! Just CLICK HERE for the link to donate. Every little bit helps! 

Here's a photo of our guest, a hard-working Canadian artist, writer, mini publisher, potter and mom.

Just to give you an idea of what she's done, here she is with a sample of just about every book she's brought out or worked on.

We expect a fun time with Leanne, and answers for just about any questions anybody has for how to get started and continue as a successful working artist.
Books books books - pots!

So check out the GoFundMe link and make the trip easier and even more fun for Leanne. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

New Ka-Blam Tshirt

My old white Ka-Blam tshirt was too big - and just not cool. But what's better than black? So thank you, Ka-Blam, my fave floppy printer, for quality and price. And a hot new tshirt.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Amazing Hawaii Comicon 2016

Me NOT wading with Man-O-Wars
If you want to have a lot of fun and sell books and meet wonderful creatives and fans, go to the Amazing Hawaii Comicon. I went with Roberta Gregory, who made it that much better, being able to share the adventure with a long-time friend and colleague.

The Ka-Blam photo
William Doc Grant and the Hawaii Comics Alliance got trip tips for us, Roger and Elizabeth Pankey let us time-share a condo, and Hawaiian Cartoonist Jon J Murakami toured us around 3/4 of O'ahu in two trips. We got to see and do and eat everything we'd planned. 

First of all, here's the obligatory shot of me in my Ka-Blam T-shirt. If you need floppy-size comics, they have the best inks, clear paper, color and prices. I'm going to get one of their black shirts, too. 

I just like this photo of me.
Just for good measure, here's the convention badge and what's left of one of the leis Jon gave us.

Beautiful places to stay:

Makai (Toward the mountains)
The next two shots are the view from our condo window in Honolulu, Waikiki. 

The first one is makai - toward the mountains - over the golf course. 

Mauka (Toward the water)
The second is makau - toward the water - over the canal. 

In the morning, talapia in the schools rise in bunching black schools to feed. 

Fairy terns flip between the buildings, looking like the paper "birds" in Spirited Away. The terns are endemic in the northern islands, but in the south, they only live in Honolulu. Perhaps, like peregrine falcons on the mainland, they like the artificial cliffs?

And now more convention photos:

William Doc Grant gave Roberta and me paper hats full of pennies. We saved the pennies to buy spam musubi, and played Angry Birds with the hats. 

Roberta is threatening the properly terrified Erin Hamada. 

Angry extinct Hawaiian bird
Be afraid!!

Erin makes the most amazing food pillows, including bitten eggs. 

They're expensive to ship outside Hawaii -But perhaps the little key-chains of the eggs? They have emoticon faces on them, which make them even cuter. 

Here's Roberta and Erin with Erin's giant bread and onagiri pillows. We ere calling her Pillow Woman. A con nickname, of course.

Here's a Soldätchen (little soldier) I was doodling on for kids' day, Sunday. I'd somehow left all my good pens at home, so was making do with ball points. 

A couple little girls were watching with their dad, and I asked 'em if they wanted it. They did. I'd post the photo, but one needs to protect kids.

However, I can post an adult with her picture of a Söldchen (little girl soldier). This is Hannah - and she's happy with the next doodle I did. 

Now for the cosplay! A blurry (sorry! - wonky little IPod camera) Deadpool pirate with a costume based on a fancy thift-store jacket, an Aquaman with REAL scale mail he made himself, and the dapperest of dragons. 

I've never been much for superheroes, but I just love all the mash-ups. Harley-Quinn shows up as anything, and at Emerald City in Seattle, there was a flapper joker. Gender-crossing and everything. Cosplayers are social years ahead of us all.

Lazy Photographer:

I didn't get any more photos of the trip, but Roberta did! 

Baobob tree in park
The following are a selection of her photos It was us at the beach, and us eating everything Hawaiian we could find. We saw the valley of temples, the north shore, you name it. These photos are sorta kinda in order.  

Jon was the most diligent tour-guide. If we could get to it in time, he showed it off, and told us all the details. 

Our timing was kind of bad; a huge rock that had sat in a window formation since anybody could have remembered was swept away by the waves a short time before we showed up. 

Over the blowhole; Elizabeth Pankey, Jon Murakami and me
And birds! Admittedly, most of them are imports, but when else could I see Brazilian cardinals flying about, and shoo Australian zebra doves out of breakfast?

Yes, Hawaii has racism and homelessness and all the general problems, but all anybody really cares about is food and the beach. Which is as it should be. We missed a luau I'm beginning to think we should have skinned out of the con to go see.

After the con, we moved from the condo to a little hostel near the beach. In a quiet, cool alley, where you could sit on the lanai and look at Diamond head.

Under the Bo tree, Botanical Gardens
Chickens and cats were all about in the country, clean, well-fed, and utterly unafraid of humans. Which shows you just how nice the humans are.

See the blue toenails? Everybody has blue toenails. Or people who paint their toenails. The color of Hawaii IS blue.

On the beach at Waikiki
Cree Nicole, who co-splayed at the con, was sharing our hostel room. She and I ended up walking all over Waikiki at night, making like regular tourists. I kind of talked her into buying glow-in-the-dark batshorts. 

We ended up at a neat little bar around the corner from the hostel, accessible only by a strange, twisty little staircase. Yes, the margarita was poured by a barkeep with a high elbow. 

I no longer feel guilty for never learning to surf. Early throat and sinus operations make it impossible for me to keep water out of my lungs. I TRIED body surfing but ended up hacking out water. So I went back to floating in the lagoons. 

Dole Pineapple plantation, me and Jon
Although watching the kids using McDonald's trays to body-board was still pretty tempting. And the best fun is watching body-boarders off the jetty in the evening waves.

Menehune are the Hawaiian Little People. They're supposed to be mischievous. I found out, if you ask for ANYTHING, they get it for you, free and cheap, so long as you thank them.  

Pali overlook, with boss cat
This is just a small portion of the stuff we did, so we'll end with the food report, and wishes that you have been or can go to Hawaii some day.

I would like to know if our conventions can serve
Spam Musubi, the basic Hawaiian spam-and-rice snack. It was the go-to food all over the island.

BEST Hawaiian food: the dark purple Okinawan potato. 

And - I never thought I'd recommend McDonald's - but haupia (coconut custard) in a fried sugar crust. No, you can't get it unless you're in Hawaii. 

Shrimp-truck happy cat
The same with the Dole plantation fresh-picked-pineapple ice cream. It's like you have to come up where I live for REALLY fresh salmon.

Seattle, you can get poi at Uwajimaya for the same price they sell it for in Hawaii. 

Note on Hawaiians and garlic: the Hawaiian idea of a little garlic is mouthfuls. So if you go for shrimp scampi - say hi to the cats and chickens - be prepared to frighten vampires at a distance.

Roberta and I almost didn't get back on the plane....

Me in alleyway, Diamond Head

Buddhist temple

My menehune haul

Diamond head down the alley.

MAHALO nui loa!